Bacterial Genomic DNA Isolation Kit


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Bacterial Genomic DNA Isolation Kit


100 isolations


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Bacteria are one of the most abundant and diverse organisms on the planet, which take part in numerous critical ecosystem processes. Many bacterial species are pathogens that are responsible for causing a variety of human and animal diseases. In addition to their medical and ecological importance, bacteria are also used in various industrial applications such as production of enzymes and biofuels. BioVision’s bacterial genomic DNA isolation kit provides convenient and simple step-by-step method for isolating quality genomic DNA from gram-negative and gram-positive bacterial species. This kit utilizes enzymatic reactions to release bacterial DNA from the cell. DNA release from the cell is coupled with adsorption of DNA onto a silica spin-column in the presence of high salt concentration, eliminating the use of toxic organic compounds or solvents. DNA purified by this kit is suitable for various downstream molecular biology applications such as PCR, cloning, DNA hybridization, and Southern Blotting


• Useful for PCR, Cloning, DNA hybridization, Southern Blotting

Kit's benefits

Simple & rapid method to isolate highly pure, intact DNA from bacteria



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• Buffer A [Re-suspension Buffer] • Enzyme Mix A • RNAse A • Buffer B [Reaction Buffer] • Enzyme Mix B • Buffer C [Binding Buffer] • Buffer D [Wash Buffer] • Buffer E [Elution Buffer] • Spin Columns/Collection Tubes

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gel pack

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24 months

Species reactivity



Useful for PCR, Cloning, DNA hybridization, Southern Blotting

Samples tested

Gram positive and gram negative bacterial species