CytoSelect™ Clonogenic Tumor Cell Isolation test kit (5 preps)


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CytoSelect™ Clonogenic Tumor Cell Isolation test kit (5 preps)


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(CBA-155, CBA-155-5) GHS.pdf

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Cell Based Assays

Related techniques

Cell Based Assays, Tumor Cell Isolation

Use of the reagent

Many solid tumors contain heterogeneous populations of normal and cancerous cells. Separation of these cell populations is key to an accurate assessment of the true genotypic and phenotypic differences between normal and tumor cells. Our CytoSelect™ Clonogenic Tumor Cell Isolation test kit uses a proprietary semisolid agar medium to facilitate formation of colonies by cells from solid tumors. Colonies are grown in either a 6-well plate or a 35mm culture dish. These colonies are isolated away from single (i.e. normal) cells by size filtration. The viable cells from these colonies can be easily recovered for further analysis.

Cellular use

Efficiently eliminate normal cells from tumor cell population in heterogeneous solid tumor samples

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Recover tumor cells for further downstream analysis

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Potential use for evaluation of tumor stem cells

Living modified organisme in this reagent or LMO

Not applicable

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human cells and cell lines and other cells

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For cells, cell lines and tissues in culture till half confluency.