Naclai Tesque

Product nameSizePriceCatalog no 
0.5%-Trypan Blue Stain Solution8x100ML327 29853-34 See more
Acetyl Coenzyme A Sodium Salt1x100MG849 00546-54 See more
Acetyl Coenzyme A Trilithium Salt1x25MG367 00545-22 See more
Alcian Blue Stain Solution(pH 2.5)1x500ML271 37154-15 See more
Bullet CBB Stain One(Ready To Use)1x500ML330 13542-65 See more
CBB Stain One Super(Ready To Use)1x1L275 11642-31 See more
CBB Stain One(Ready To Use)1x1L262 04543-51 See more
Coenzyme A from Yeast, free acid1x100MG273 13550-84 See more
Coenzyme A Trilithium Salt from Yeast1x100MG305 13163-64 See more
Congo Red Stain Solution4x100ML317 37156-24 See more
Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Purification Kit(50 tests)1x50TESTS408 06483-94 See more
Field's Stain Solution(A)3x500ML330 37111-65 See more
Field's Stain Solution(B)3x500ML322 37112-55 See more
Gel-Negative Stain Kit for SDS-PAGE1x1KIT260 16660-41 See more
Giemsa's Stain Solution3x500ML354 37114-35 See more
Gram's Stain Reagent Solution(1)4x500ML307 37116-15 See more
Gram's Stain Reagent Solution(2)8x500ML307 37117-05 See more
Gram's Stain Reagent Solution(3)4x100ML307 37118-24 See more
Hematoxylin for Biological Stain3x5G311 17539-34 See more
His-Detect In-Gel Stain1x500ML282 08500-65 See more
Malonyl Coenzyme A Lithium Salt1x10MG510 21150-74 See more
May-Grunwald's Stain Solution8x100ML317 37126-14 See more
Metal Enhancer for DAB Stain5x100ML320 07388-24 See more
Methyl Green Pyronine Stain Solution1x100ML278 37162-34 See more
Peroxidase Stain Kit for Immuno-blotting, Nuclease tested1x1KIT236 26652-70 See more
Rapid Stain CBB Kit1x1SET224 30035-14 See more
Sil-Best Stain One1x1SET240 06865-81 See more
Turk's Stain Solution5x500ML300 37212-45 See more
Weigert's Resorcinol Fuchsin Stain Solution1x500ML0 37273-55 See more
Wright's Stain Buffer Solution8x100ML338 37216-34 See more
Wright's Stain Solution1x500ML0 37215-15 See more
Ziehl-Neelsen Carbol-Fuchsin Stain Solution8x100ML307 37217-24 See more