Masson Trichrome Standard EMMO-GEN STAINING


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Masson Trichrome Standard EMMO-GEN STAINING


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Masson's trichrome Standard (100 Tests) is a staining protocol used in histology. Four different stains are used: Weigert's iron hematoxylin -nuclei-, picric acid-erythrocytes-, a mixture of acidic dyes -cytoplasm-, and light green -collagen- in order to determinate cells from surrounding connective tissue.

Storage conditions

Store at 15 - 25 °C, protected from fire and sunlight, tightly closed

Procedure time

~40 min (+/- pre-fixation time).

Product validity

2 years (under recomended conditions)


To order Masson Trichrome Standard EMMO-GEN STAINING, please use the Cat. Nr.EMMO-GEN-110802100and submit your purchase order by email or by fax. A discount is available for larger or bulk quantities, please contact us for more information

Technical file

Please contact our technical support - - to request a datasheet, the user manual, certificate of analysis or the MSDS file.


Our specialists recommend you to follow carefully the instructions when using the Masson Trichrome Standard EMMO-GEN STAINING . Check the lot number and expiration date before first use and follow the pre-written instructions in the technical sheet for long-term storage