Product nameSizePriceCatalog no 
2, Photosynthesis Tool Kit - quantitation50 µl of respective antibody. 100 µl / tube of each protein standard. 50 µl of secondary antibody1158 AS04 051 See more
2, Rubisco quantitation kit1 x 50 µl of AS03 037, RbcL | Rubisco large subunit, form I and form II (amount enough for 50-100 Western blots)1 x 100 µl of AS01 017S, Rubisco protein standard (0.15 pmoles / µl, amount enough for generation of standard curve in 85assays (standard curve766 AS09 409 See more
ACCase subunit beta, Acetyl-coenzyme A, carboxylase (subunit beta)100 µl521 AS15 2880 See more
ATPase, ATP synthase, whole enzyme100 µl550 AS08 370 See more
beta, glucosidase (hyperthermophilic enzyme)50 µl434 AS15 3093 See more
CoQ7, Coenzyme Q biosynthesis protein 7200 µl (0.7 mg/ml)588 AS05 076 See more
endo, beta-1,4 xylanase (hyperthermophilic enzyme)50 µl434 AS15 3087 See more
Exo1, exoglucanase isoenzyme 1100 µl515 AS08 322 See more
ExoS, Exoenzyme S100 µl588 AS05 056 See more
Fe, hydrogenase beta subunit (hyperthermophilic enzyme)50 µl434 AS15 3086 See more
FnCel5A, Endo-beta-1,4 glucanase (hyperthermophilic enzyme)50 µl434 AS15 3094 See more
GDE / AGL, Glycogen debranching enzyme200 µg588 AS09 454 See more
MME4, Malic enzyme200 µg533 AS12 2617 See more
NAD-ME, Mitochondrial NAD-dependent malic enzyme50 µl434 AS16 3932 See more